Bradfields almost 102

2023 was the 101st birthday of the Farm. In spring 1922 Reg Lambert took on part of a small farm called Bradfields at North Benfleet, near Wickford. He kept the farm going through the Depression, the Second World War and numerous other challenging times and the Lambert family still work the Farm today. Our story therefore dates back over 100 years and a full account is available on our Bradfields Farm history page.

Our Holstein Fresian cows graze the grass pastures around the Farm. We use only the freshest milk to produce milk, cream, cheese and yogurt. All are handmade on the Farm. No food miles involved.  We have a small shop where you can purchase all of our products every day from our vending machines. We also have a coffee machine in our dairy shop. This vends fresh coffee made with fresh Bradfields Farm Milk of course.

You can also buy our products at local farm shops and cafes and at weekly London farmer’s markets.  Every four weeks through the summer we also have our own farmers markets at the Farm.

Glass bottles (and refill) available
Some of our girls grazing in the fields