Bradfields 101 – March

On the Farm in March

Somewhat delayed, this is what we were up to on the farm during the last month.

In February we cultivated the fields ready for the seed to be sown and then March was all about getting the crops in the ground.

We use a machine called a drill to literally drill the seed into the soil. Drills can be very hi tech and precise and the details of when and how to drill needs a lot of thought in order to get a good crop. The drill has a hopper where you put the seed. This is Spring Barley going into the hopper.

The drill uses a fan to separate the seeds and sends them down a series of tubes. The tubes sit by a tine (a sharp point) which creates a narrow furrow for the seed and creates neat rows of evenly drilled seeds. This will create rows of plants when the seeds germinate and grow.


helsea’s new best friend has been getting bigger. She and her friends have moved up the road to their new home with all our other calves, but not before a good groom and a cuddle.

Slippery When Wet – Strawberry Yogurt Gin Cocktail

Naughty but nice, this is a fragant refreshing strawberry gin drink originally created by New York’s Death & Co. This version of the recipe uses our product of the month, our Strawberry Probiotic Drinking Yogurt.

The recipe is :

30ml Strawberry Drinking Yogurt
10ml Lemon Juice
10ml Honey
30ml Gin or Pink Gin
Combine in a cocktail shaker with 100ml ice
Garnish with sliced strawberry

Something to enjoy during the warm. sunny Spring weather! Cheers!