Our Cows

We have over 120 Holstein-Fresian cows on the Farm who are milked twice a day and produce delicious, fresh, high quality milk.

Are our cows free range? There is no official definition for free range in dairy. With our heavy clay soil all year grazing is not an option as it would ruin the next years grass if cows were on the land when the grass stops growing between November and February.

We do our best to keep them on grass as long as possible depending on the weather. They will go out usually in March/April and come in for the winter in October, giving about 6 months (180 days) of 24 hour grazing access. During the winter they are in a covered barn bedded on straw with access to a concrete feed strip for food water, extra exercise and their rubbing posts. In the winter time the cows eat as much grass, barley and maize silage as we can grow in order to give them a diet of our home grown crop.

As we hand rear them we get to know them well and their health and well being is very important to us. They have individual personalities and are often very curious, they have their own quirks, which side of parlour they prefer, being at the front or back and their hierarchy in the herd.