A Fortnight of Firsts

It has been quite a fortnight of firsts for the us and our new dairy. About a week ago we had a radio interview with Peter Holmes from BBC Essex. He wanted to talk to us about the dairy crisis and our plans for making cheese. We took the plunge and said we would do our first interview with great trepidation.  Speaking in public is not really my forte.

Clare and Nick with Peter and the calves

Clare and Nick with Peter and the calves

Peter interviewing Clare and enjoying some cheese at the same time!

Peter interviewing Clare and enjoying some cheese at the same tim









Peter was great and it wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it would be and we were expecting a small piece on his show today. Completely taken aback by the fantastic coverage he gave us, including announcing our new cheese in the opening news. Not what we were expecting to hear but great that he was a keen on talking about cheese as we are.  We are waiting to hear all the suggestions from listeners on what we should name our new soft cheese, we heard a few suggestions on air including Bradfields Spread, Yessex and Essex Cheese.  You can hear the show (7th May) on his BBC webpage for the next four of weeks, the main interview is about an hour and a quarter in.  The coverage has been great and we have new followers, friends and enquiries already. Welcome to you all and thanks for the retweets.

The batch of Chalvedon pictured on the BBC facebook page has now become the very first batch to go in our cold room to mature, we had the “grand” switching on this week.

We also ventured to the West Midland to pick up the two tanks for the milk pasteurising plant.  These will hold the milk once the pasteuriser and cream separator are up and running and are the first bits of kit to arrive. Fingers crossed for the rest to be here in July.