Shop & Market Arrangements

These are our current arrangements regarding Our Dairy Shop, supplies to local farm shops, local deliveries and London Farmer’s Markets.

Dairy Shop

Our Dairy Shop continues to be open to the public every day although, like all shops now, the use of it has changed in accordance with the social distancing rules explained on the notices outside. Demand had risen as more local people are using the shop of their doorstep, rather than the supermarket. We are keeping the shop well stocked so you should be able to find what you need, every day 8.00 til 6.00.

Farm shops

We have been delivering products daily to the farm shops while they continue to experience unprecedented levels of demand. We have been been able to provide what has been needed so far. We will continue to supply what is needed, within the capacity of our unit, and hope to get back to the usual every second day delivery that we operate.

Local deliveries

Some of the shops that we deliver our products to do local deliveries for those in isolation. To our knowledge deliveries are being carried out by:

  • Flour and Spoon Artisan Bakery in Leigh on Sea deliver every Friday, including our milk, to the Southend area as far as Benfleet. All orders are via their website at and are contactless delivery only – you need to leave your phone number.
  • Lathcoats Farm shop in Baddow
  • Jamie’s Fruit and Veg Box in Bicnacre
  • Stockbrook farm shop in Stock
  • Deersbrook Farm, Littles Lane (Braintree area).

London Farmer’s Markets

Starting with the Blackheath market on Sunday 24th May, we were pleased to return to the London Farmer’s Markets. More details are on our Farmer’s Markets page.