All of our products are made from our cows whole milk, which is processed and chilled on the day of milking.  As well as milk and cream we produce a range of soft and hard cheeses – all of it made from the milk from our own herd of cows.


Our milk is processed as little as we can.  It is simply pasteurised on the day of milking to remove any harmful micro organisms and is not homogenised.

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Our cream is made from our cows whole milk on the day of milking.  Our extra thick cream and double creams are creamier than most double creams.

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Hard Cheese

Our Chalvedon and Westcroft hard cheeses are European style based on a Spanish Manchego recipe, but made with our fresh whole milk. They are handmade in small batches once a week and matured for at least 6 weeks before they are ready.

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Soft Cheese

Our Bure’s and Essex Soft cheeses are light and fresh.  Made the day after milking they are ready to eat fresh after 5 or 6 days, or can be matured for long to gain a more Feta like consistency.

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Our natural yogurt is as pure as can be as it is made from our fresh, whole milk. To make it, we simply heat the fresh milk and add live cultures, before straining it to draw of some of the whey to create a thick, creamy yogurt. No starch or thickeners in our yogurt! It is carefully spooned into bottles by hand into 350ml pots.

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Our milkshakes are made with our fresh, whole milk. They are a naturally healthy shake with no artificial colours, preservaties or artificial flavours. They are available in two bottle sizes.

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We have a range of Cheese Boxes and Coolbags.  Ideal as a Christmas gift, they can be ordered for collection from the Farm.

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If you would like to place an order for collection from the Farm, you can complete our Christmas Order Form.