Hard Cheese

All of our hard cheeses are hand made on the Farm, using our whole milk.  All of our hard cheeses are made in small batches of 10 to 15 cheeses, salted in brine and matured for a minimum of one month and up to three months. They are made as a 1 kilogram round cheese sold as a whole cheese or in portions.


Chalvedon is a European style hard cheese, which is cooked and pressed based on a Spanish manchego recipe but with whole pasteurised cows milk instead of sheeps milk. When young it has a soft, elastic texture similar to edam which hardens over time. The whole milk gives it a cream mouth feel and is complimented its a peppery finish.

It is named after Little Chalvedon Hall a nearby farm where all our young heifers live until they join the main herd. The Chalvedon name dates back to the earliest maps and records.

Westcroft Cheese is made to the same recipe as Chalvedon but is drier and crumblier and a little stronger in taste.  This is because the cheese is made at a slightly higher temperature.

It is named after part of the farm where many years ago there was a Westcroft house.

Blackwater is a smooth, Gouda style hard cheese. It is medium matured to  take on a buttery, creamy taste.

Chelmer cheese is a light-coloured (almost white), crumbly Caerphilly style hard cheese cheese.  It has a mild taste, with a pleasant slightly sour tang.