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We are One (just over) 

On Sunday 18th February our dairy and shop were 1 year old.  It has been quite a journey on our first year.  You, our customers, have bought more milk each month and we have had lots of positive comments about the milk, cream and cheese as more people are hearing about us.  So thank you!

We have spread well beyond the Farm and people are now buying our products at six local farm shops, a pub, a tea room, a restaurant as well as three farmers markets.

Birthday Celebrations    

We celebrated our first birthday with a small event with cheese tastings (of course).  We had lots of names suggested for some of our new baby girls as well as entrants for our prize draw.  

Prize Draw Winners  

The first names out of the hat were :

     Chris Sayers who chose an afternoon cow milking on the farm as his prize and 

     Margarita who chose calf feeding.

You also provided names for all of the recent calves and heifers that didn’t have a name.  Watch out for our blog where we will be showing pictures of some of the calves and their names.

Blowing Hot and Cold  

You will have felt the cold snaps that we have had, particularly in the early part of March. This caused some problems with burst pipes, but that was soon sorted out and we were quickly back to normal.  Spring is a time of year where the temperature can lurch around so although ’beastly’ it isn’t all that unusual. 

Yogurt On the Way  

Twenty or do of you have been helping us with our trials on natural yogurt and patiently tried various batches with different starter cultures and levels of thickness.  Your feedback was invaluable and we are now preparing a strained yogurt to go on general sale.  Once we have the necessary testing done you will be able to buy it from the farm and, hopefully, from local farm shops.  We will then look to produce a fruit flavoured yogurt – any suggestions on flavours would be welcome.

Farmers Markets

We are now at the Farmer's Markets in Rochford (on the first Friday of the month), Leigh-on-Sea (on the third Friday of the month) and the new Billericay Artisan Market (first Saturday of each month).  They are really good events with lots of local, fresh produce available.  

On the Farm

There is a lot of fertiliser going onto the fields, giving the grass a boost ready for the cows to go out into the fields after spending the coldest part of the Winter undercover.  The girls are quite happy in their covered barn but, when it warms up, they will be looking forward  to  going out in to the fields for the Summer.  They are always keen to get munching on the fresh, Spring grass and it is something of a stampede.  We will be posting about them going out when Farmer Nick decides that it's warm enough for them - maybe not at Easter if we get the typical Bank Holiday weather!

"We'll be going out soon"

Thanks for reading this.  We hope that you have enjoyed it.  Do get in touch with us about any ideas, comments or questions. 

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